When we started this idea, there was only one goal, to provide a world changing idea to the ICO community.
Through modern ingenuity and technology we can increase the supply of parking worldwide and lower the price of parking.

  An opportunity

This is the opportunity to invest in a token that is backed by the possibility to participate in profits generated by parking real estate assets around the world.

  Growth with Us

Each year, 50% of net profits are shared with investors, the other 50% are reinvested into the business to help support continued growth.

  A technological step forward

To manage the infrastructure, the Parkade Team is developing the Parkade.io mobile application, designed specifically to help you park anywhere in the world using the blockchain.

  More ways to earn

In addition to company owned parking lots being listed within the application. Users will be able to rent out their own parking spots, offering an additional way to earn parkade coins or local currency, and benefit from the business.

The Parkade.io Mobile Application

A mobile application which will be the benchmark for managing parking infrastructure around the world!

  • Parking for Everyone

    Everyone, everywhere in the world will be able to access parking infrastructure or rent out parking spaces, to help change the way the world parks.

  • Manage the Infrastructure

    We needed a way to manage the infrastructure purchased with the ICO proceeds, and Parkade.io will allow users to rent, reserve and park in spots with a touch of a button.

  • Earn through the Application

    Renting out your own parking spaces will allow the Parkade community to increase the supply of parking worldwide, solve shortages, and earn at the same time.


The Parkade Coin ICO is designed to build infrastructure and develop a mobile application the manage parking assets. Together we can change the way the world parks.

Time until the ICO Bonus Expires

SOFT CAP = 3 Mil USD HARD CAP = 120 Mil USD Soft Cap Hard Cap

    We Accept BTC, ETH & LTC

ICO Sale

1 USD = 2 PRKC Plus

Bonus 20% Tokens


$ 720,000.00

(Completion: 24%)

Total Tokens

400 million

1 USD = 2 PKRC

Soft & Hard Cap

3 Mil USD
120 Mil USD

Tokens exchange rate

1 USD = 2 PRKC

Acceptable Currency



  • TEAM


  • Dev & Staffing
  • App Dev
  • Transparent & Legal
  • Marketing
  • Purchase Infrastructure & Hardware


Parkade Coin the token associated with this ICO started as a simple idea to solve basic parking problems, but quickly evolved into a way to change the world.


Parkade Coin and Parkade.io are committed to providing transparency to the ICO community. We focus on sharing information about the ICO regularly.
Following the Stream of Money: How Does Parkade.io Collect ETHER Payments?

Never before have people been able to pay for parking with ETHER. With Parkade.io, that will change. Accepting ETHER as a payment method through the Parkade.io app is an innovation that will benefit investors and app users.

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What Are Smart Contracts & How Do They Create Transparency?

Smart contracts help avoid middle-men in online transactions. Just like a contract in real life, this virtual version of a contract outlines the conditions and details of a transaction. However, a smart contract can implement these conditions and details immediately.

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Limited-Time Offer:Get 20% Bonus When You Purchase Parkade Coins ...

Parkade Coin Token Pre-Sale Bonus Period: August 30th to September 13th The Parkade team is excited to announcea special bonus offer pricing for Parkade Coins. The special token bonus will constitute the pre-sale of tokens. From August 30th September 13th, investors will be able to buy Parkade Coins and receive a 20% bonus. This is a limited time opportunity to reward our early investors.

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The Parkade team is made up of select core business development and real estate professionals. Supplementing the business team comes a dedicated development and construction team, whom will focus on building parking infrastructure on the land purchased with the ICO proceeds.


Vik Kwatra



Vanessa Tang

Client Relations Manager


Petya Yunakova

Accounts Manager



Construction Manager


Peter Yates

Legal Advisor



Marketing Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the tremendous response to the Parkade Coin we have created a list of frequently asked questions to minimize initial inquiries; however, if you cannot find your answer below, please contact us.

Simple! To change the way the world parks by developing infrastructure and increasing the parking supply around the world with the help of the Parkade.io mobile application.
Yes, a Private sale will occur from August 15 – 29th with the pre-sale occurring from September 1-31st. They will have a token bonus involved of 30% and 20% respectively.
Visit Parkade.io and click “signup” “contribute” or “buy token now” to begin the Whitelisting process. Select from two purchasing value options and provide the required information.
Anyone who purchases more than $10,000.00 USD in value will have to provide government issued ID’s for verification.
Parkade Coins which are unsold will be allocated to the reserved pool and locked for 12 months, and then released gradually over time.
No matter which city in the world you visit or are from, parking is sparse and expensive. We have come up with a solution to decentralize parking, and create the parking lots of tomorrow, today!
The Parkade.io mobile application is already under production with a full launch expected to be in December 2018.
After the ICO is completed and the minimum 1100 ETH Soft Cap (approx. $3 Mil USD) has been generated.
The smart contract code is open source and can be found at github.
We accept BTC, ETH & LTC.
Our vision is to grow Parkade Coin (PRKC) into a $500 million asset portfolio that purchases parking spots, lots and parkades around the world, to provide sustainable and affordable parking to customers. Parkade Coin holders will have the right to participate in profits generated by assets owned by the company and benefit from stable price appreciation.
Proceeds received during the token sale will first be converted into U.S. dollars, so it can be used for parking real estate related investments around the world.


Thank you for your interest in Parkade Coin and Parkade.io, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

  • Address

    Narva maantee 5, Tallinn, Harjumaa 10117, Estonia

    7030 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 500, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 6G2

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